Supply Cover

Cover for Absent Staff

From time to time staff will be absent, either because of illness or because they are away on a course or a conference. When this happens 'cover' arrangements will be put into place. The nature of the cover will depend on where in the school the member of staff teaches and the likely length of absence. Most short term cover in the Seniors will be internal cover because older children can more easily adapt to different staff and absent staff can leave appropriate work. The younger the children the less satisfactory this becomes as an arrangement.

For our younger pupils (Year 3 downwards) different arrangements are necessary and this particularly applies when a member of staff is ill and thus absent at short notice. On the first day of absence the form will be split between the other forms in the year group. On the second and subsequent days supply staff will be sought and used if available. However, there are not many supply staff available in Doha and they tend to be booked by schools for planned absence well in advance. If supply staff are not available we will continue to split the form between the other forms in the year group. This is because all the pupils know the staff in a year group and all the staff in a year group plan together so they know the work which is taking place that week. Consequently, although numbers in the remaining forms increase, the pupils are happier being with a teacher they know for the day, rather than a succession of people for half an hour at a time, and there is consistency of work and teaching.

If a member of staff is going to have an extended absence then the school will endeavour to use appropriate supply staff from outside.

Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2012