After School Activities Term 3

After School Activities - Term 3, 2012


Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper into beautiful objects. Oru meaning folding and Kami meaning paper. The goal of this art club is to transform flat sheets of material into finished sculptures.

Advanced Photography (max. 8)

A deeper exploration on how to take a killer photo with a more in-depth look at the photography triangle and composition. Students will be producing a portfolio ranging from Portrait to Landscape with a showcase event to show their work.

Students wishing to take this ASA must have a digital SLR for regular use.

Mac Club Year 8 & 9 boys and girls.

We now have the opportunity to offer 12 places to participate in a Mac Club. Pupils will be using the latest Mac hardware and CS5 software on the course. They will have the opportunity to produce either a magazine page of their choice, a drinks label or a flyer advertising a favourite interest. Places are limited and will be based on a first come first serve. The ASA will commence at 2.15 on Mondays.


This will be a continuation club for those pupils who have been learning how to play the recorder since last September. Any other Y3-Y6 pupils wishing to join need to be able to play the notes B, A, G, E and D already, as the existing group are now at an intermediate level. Learning to play an instrument such as the recorder provides children with a range of skills, many of which are transferable and appropriate to various different situations. For example, it helps children gain the ability to read and make music. It boosts self-confidence - playing music helps children feel good about themselves and their achievements. It helps improve motor skills, as there are special techniques you need to use to master any instrument, including the recorder. It helps children feel part of a group and have a sense of belonging as well as the added benefit of improving their social interaction skills too.

Girls Choir, Sunday

This choir is for girls years 4 - 9 who are interested in singing. We will prepare a few pieces to be performed in the Music Soiree at the end of term and learn a bit about vocal production and corporate singing. Come join the fun!

Scrabble club for seniors

This will help improve pupil's range of vocabulary in a fun and competitive way.

Bollywood Dance

A dance fusion of East meets West with the vibrancy of Indian culture and the influence of the Hindi film industry.

Cartoon club

Watching and drawing cartoon characters, colouring and puppet making. For fans of comic book heros, Looney Tunes, SquarePants and little blue people.

Jigsaw Club

This is for years 2 and 3 next term. This will involve the children working individually, in pairs or in small groups to complete a range of jigsaws with between 30 and 250 pieces depending on ability.

Horse riding

This will be offered initially for half a term next term and you may then have the option of extending it depending on the weather. Wear: long trousers, trainers / riding boots. Bring: sunscreen and water. Charge: QR60 per session +QR10 for the bus. Pupils are taken to Al Samariyah Stables on the bus and brought back to school, arriving approx 4pm.


Regatta Sailing School has RYA accredited instructors. They operate from the beach by the Intercontinental Hotel. Each sailing course is eight lessons long and costs approximately QAR900. In the event of inclement weather the lessons are postponed to the following week. There is space for 21 children to be bused from school to the sailing lessons. If necessary more children can do sailing but they will need to make their own transport arrangements. Sailing finishes at approximately 4.45 pm.

Science Documentaries

We will watch different Science documentary films each week for 50 mins followed by a 10 minute discussion on what they have seen. We will be watching the BBC Planet Earth and Blue Planet series over the term.


Working from nature, still-life, photographs and independent ideas, pupils will be introduced to specific drawing fundamentals and techniques including line drawing, shape, pattern, shading, perspective and composition. Mediums that are introduced are graphite, ink, chalk pastel, crayons and coloured pencils.

French club for Pre-Prep Arabic speakers

Pupils will learn to use good conversation starters: greetings, introduce themselves, recognize and use simple words and short phrases for daily usage; give and respond to simple instructions, facts about France, and… last, but not least, they will sing, play and have fun!"

French Club

The pupils will learn the basic French language. They will discover the French culture and taste French food. They will also play different educational games in French.

Chess Years 3-6 and 7-8

The game of Chess aids pupil's ability to problem-solve. A core group of pupils meet each week to deconstruct problems and to develop skills, in a friendly social setting. All ages and experience are welcome.

Pre Prep Construction Club for Reception/Year 1/Year 2

"Love making models using Lego, Duplo, Mobilo, Stickle Bricks etc? Want to make things with your friends? Come and use your imagination to construct racing cars that can fly, diggers that can walk and tall towers that can turn into robots! Or you could build a doll's house with a beautiful garden! The choice is yours at Construction Club. Come and join in the fun!"

Lego Club

Come and join in the creative fun! Each week we work together in groups to build weird and wonderful creations. Sometimes we do this during free play and sometimes we are challenged to create a specific thing. Previous challenges include the highest tower, the best face and the best jungle scene. During the final 15 minutes, we share our creations and vote for a winner.

Table Tennis

For all pupils in years 4, 5, and 6 who wish to take part for fun or to improve their own game.

Boys choir

This choir is for boys in years 4 - 9 who are interested in singing. We will prepare a few pieces to be performed in the Music Soiree at the end of term and learn a bit about vocal production and corporate singing. Why should the girls have all the fun?

Years 3 and 4 Maths Club

Interactive maths games, problems and challenges for those who love maths.

Disney club

Pupils have the opportunity to relax and watch a selection of Disney classics

Play leaders club

A pack of game ideas that can easily be played in the playground or atrium. Pupils will learn skills to organize other pupils into teams and groups and an understanding of how to teach other pupils these games. On successful completion of the 'course' pupils will receive a certificate and hopefully a play leader cap and tabbard so they can be easily identified. This is an application only club if your child is interested please email


For all pupils in years 7,8,9 who wish to take part for fun or to improve their own game.

Table Tennis

For all pupils in years 7,8,9 who wish to take part for fun or to improve their own game

Class room games

For Year 1 and Year 2 pupils to have fun in the classroom either by using interactive games or board games

Jewellery making

Pupils design and make their own jewellery using beads. We always have a good range of ages in this club which allows pupils to socialise and work with pupils from a variety of year groups. Pupils enjoy taking home their jewellery at the end of the club.

Book making

Students will create a bound book about themselves.


Years 5 and 6 will play the game for fun and learn to harness their skills.

Story telling

Pupils will be read a story and asked to be creative and finish the stories off or to recreate the stories in play form.


This club for year 1 and 2 looks at teaching the youngsters the fundamentals of playing the instrument.

Fine motor skills

Different skills will be looked at each week using a variety of challenges and medium. From cutting out, tracing, and painting by numbers, pupil's fine motor skills will be the main focus.

Film club

For tired minds this is a relaxing club for years Rec, year 1, and year 2. A selection of short films aimed at this target audience will be shown.

Sock elephant club

Sock elephants, like sock monkeys, just elephants. You MUST be able to sew to come to this club.


In Photoshop club, pupils will consider different techniques for customising and improving images. They will use graphics editing software to learn some of the more commonly used techniques in order to 'improve' the appearance of various images.

Ball games

Pupils get a chance to run around and play a variety of different ball games.


Pupils are driven by bus from school to Doha Golf club where they have a 1 hour lesson by the coaches. Initially for 5 weeks this course (dependant on the weather) is QR50 per session plus QR10 for the bus. When the weather becomes too hot the pupils will change their activity to Kwik cricket.

Maths club

For year 2 only (just like the writing club) to help children who are struggling in Maths through Maths games. For lower to middle ability maths pupils only.

Arts and crafts

Exploring mosaics done by using different materials.

Posted: Monday, March 26, 2012