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The Sixth Form represents the beginning of a new and exciting journey which takes pupils from school to university, or to the world of work. We are working hard on growing and developing our Sixth Form and we have a thriving community of young people enjoying and prospering from their learning, increased independence and shared experiences.

In the Sixth Form our pupils are closely supported by tutors and teachers in pursuit of their academic goals and personal ambitions. The Sixth Form team are always available to provide guidance and to answer questions about university and careers.

We want to inspire and motivate our pupils to be the best that they can be and to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. We have visiting speakers from universities and companies across the world to help our pupils make informed decisions about their future studies and careers.

Our pupils should enjoy their Sixth Form experience which is not just about the classroom. As learning extends beyond the academic subjects that are taught with a range of activities available in our enrichment programme, including: drama, music, Model United Nations, art and debating. We strongly believe in supporting the well-being of our pupils and encourage participation in our varied enrichments, including sports programmes. As part of the enrichment offer is the opportunity to participate in the Bronze, Silver and Gold International Award (aka Duke of Edinburgh) programmes. The Gold Award is the highest level available and it requires a weekly commitment in three areas: volunteering, physical and skills - as well as an expedition and residential experience.

With the introduction of Politics and Media Studies, from September 2018 we will be offering 21 AS and A Level subjects. AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Levels are the traditional highly valued qualifications offered by British schools for Year 12 and 13 students. AS and A Levels allow students to specialise so that they can pursue their academic goals and personal ambitions. AS Levels are studied over one year (in Year 12) and are a stand-alone qualification. If students wish they then continue their studies into Year 13, and after two years of study will achieve full A Levels.

Students have the option of studying up to four subjects at AS and A Level. We want to stretch not stress our students and studying 3 subjects, and on occasion 4 subjects, in the second year to A Level means that students are not unnecessarily burdened. It also ensures that students are fully prepare for the examinations. Universities worldwide typically offer entry to degree courses based on the results of three A Levels and therefore it is universally accepted that students should put their energies into performing the best they can in just three subjects.

In September 2018 we launch our new BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business for students interested in a career in business and who want to study the subject in depth. This dynamic new program will be delivered in a specialised BTEC suite. Students completing this course will also be able to study another subject at AS Level, resulting in the equivalent of one and a half A Levels at the end of Year 12.

Pupils starting their AS Level studies in Year 12 can:

  • continue onto Year 13 and sit A Level examinations (this is the most common pathway);
  • enter a university foundation degree course (which is an increasingly popular option);
  • start a degree course (in those countries that start degrees at the age of 17); or,
  • enter the workplace.

Our BTEC pupils will also have the option of:

  • entering a university foundation degree course;
  • starting a degree course (in those countries that start degrees at the age of 17); or,
  • entering the workplace.
Sherborne Qatar Post-16 Pathways

The Sixth Form programmes on offer at Sherborne Qatar provide flexibility in terms of learning styles and in terms of our pupils’ aspirations. Whichever pathway students take at our Sixth Form, we open the doors to top universities worldwide. Increasingly students from other schools in Qatar are deciding to join our Sixth Form to benefit from the unique opportunities we offer and to be part of a school that provides the best that British independent education can offer.

Read some success stories from former pupils Made in Sherborne here.

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