My name is George, I graduated from Sherborne Qatar in 2017 and am now enrolled on a 4 year business and management degree at Bradford University in the UK. I expect to take on a management role after completing my degree and that is in no small part due to the support I received from the staff and pupils at Sherborne Qatar, where everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves both academically and personally.

My name is Rachael. I graduated from Sherborne Qatar in 2017 and am currently studying drama at York St John University in the UK.  I plan to work as a Child Drama Therapist in the future. The teachers at Sherborne were incredibly supportive, especially during my sixth form A level years.  They helped me make the right University choice for me. I feel proud to have been a pupil at Sherborne where success is celebrated.

My name is Kamini, I graduated from Sherborne Qatar in 2016 and I am now studying computer engineering at Iowa State University in the United States. In the future I plan to work in artificial intelligence, robotics or health informatics.  The teachers at Sherborne were amazing and helped me achieve my potential. They cared for me both inside and outside of the classroom.

My name is Danette, and I graduated from  Sherborne Qatar in 2017, and currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography at Durham University in the UK. I am very interested in doing community development in rural areas, working with NGOs and things of that sort. If not, I’d like to do natural disaster management – just anything that lets me contribute to the wellbeing of the public!

I have had some amazing teachers in Sherborne Qatar who are truly passionate and knowledgeable in regards to their respective subjects. One of my geography teachers inspired me to actually do the degree that I am doing now! In addition, with the small class sizes, learning becomes more interactive and thus allowing me to make the most out of my lessons.



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