Welcome to Sherborne Qatar admissions and we hope you find this information useful. If you need more details please contact me on registrar@sherborneqatar.org or call me on +974 44596400.

Senior School September 2014

We are already accepting applications for entry into the Senior School for September 2014 and, because we are continuing to expand to meet the demand for places, expect to fill year groups before September.

Therefore, please get in touch as soon as possible if you wish to have your son or daughter considered for a place in Years 7 - 10 and Year 12. Only in exceptional circumstances are we able to admit pupils into Year 11.

We recommend that parents send us as much information as possible about their children, so that we can make informed decisions as quickly as possible.

Preparatory School

We are currently full in all years.

Doha has a fluid population and we do hold waiting lists. Parents are welcome to apply and join these lists. Please note that we cannot predict accurately when places will become available.

Zainab Taki


Sherborne Qatar is accepting Application Forms for most of the years. Doha is a fluid population and we do hold waiting lists. Parents are welcome to apply and join these lists. Parents should note that we cannot predict accurately when places will become available.
The Senior School is continuing its expansion and places are available in all year groups.

Admission Procedure

Admission to Sherborne Qatar is subject to an entry assessment. The assessment takes 2-3 hours. For all applicants from Reception to Year 10 we look for a good understanding of English as an entry requirement. Children applying from outside Qatar who cannot therefore take the entrance tests are assessed from report and a reference from the school. Native Arabic speakers may be asked to take an additional test of their Arabic skills, as research shows that a child who is strong in their native language is more likely to attain a good level of understanding in their second language i.e. English.

Reception Children applying for Reception must have attended an English-speaking Nursery or Pre-school prior to be considered for a place. This is because Reception is an all-day structured school environment. All Reception children must be fully toilet trained before starting school and be growing in independence, such as washing their own hands, eating independently and getting dressed. We will invite applicants for Reception for an informal assessment in the December/January prior to the September start. Applicants after this date will be invited to come into school for an assessment if there is a place available.

Year 1 and Year 2 the child will be invited to spend a morning in the age appropriate class in order to be assessed.

Years 3 - 6 applicants are expected to take a computer-adaptive InCAS test in English, Maths and Non-verbal skills. This test gives age-equivalent levels to determine strengths and weaknesses and is administered by computer with a headphone set to ensure that the instructions and questions are read out loud.

Years 7-10 are required to take MidYIS/Yellis computer test and written tests in English and Maths.

We operate a strict entry to year groups by age.




On or before 31st August



On or before 31st August



On or before 31st August

Year 1


On or before 31st August

Year 2


On or before 31st August

Year 3


On or before 31st August

Year 4


On or before 31st August

Year 5


On or before 31st August

Year 6


On or before 31st August

Year 7


On or before 31st August

Year 8


On or before 31st August

Year 9


On or before 31st August

Year 10


On or before 31st August

Year 11


On or before 31st August

Year 12

All applicants must pass the assessment to be offered a place. Priority is no longer given to the siblings of existing students. In addition, in order to even the balance of the genders priority may be given to children of the minority gender where there is an imbalance in an individual class.

We cannot accept pupils with special needs, since we have neither the specialist facilities nor the expertise that they would need although we do have staff to provide support for mild learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) and English as a second language.

Sherborne Qatar School Doha reserves the right to decline children whose behaviour or educational needs cannot be met by the school. It also reserves the right to decline children who have a poor attendance record at their current school.

Application Process

Sherborne Qatar application can be downloaded from the school website or collected from school. The form must be completed fully and accurately and have been signed by parents. A copy of your child's most recent school report should be submitted with application otherwise it will not be considered.

Documents required to be submitted with application:

• Latest school report

• Copy of the applicant passport

• Copy of the applicant Qatar Resident Permit if available; if this is not available at the time please provide the school with a copy once you have it

• Two passport size photographs

• Copy of applicant's immunization record

• Copy of parents Qatari ID card

The following summarises the admissions process:

1. The Sherborne Qatar application form is submitted by parents either by email to the Registrar (registrar@sherborneqatar.org) or it is handed in at the school office. The application must be accompanied by the required documentation and a non-refundable application fee of QR500.

2. The application will be reviewed by the Deputy Head Academic (Prep School) or the Director of Studies (Senior School) and will make a decision whether the Registrar contacts parents to arrange a class visit or an assessment or accepts/declines from report.

3. After the child has spent time in a class or has sat the assessment test, the Registrar will contact parents with news of the result of the assessment and, if applicable, the availability of places.

4. If applicable, an offer letter will be sent to parents. If the place is accepted and in order to secure it, parents must respond within one week and must pay the full registration fee and must sign the Fees Policy. The Finance Department will send an invoice for the first term's fees. The invoice must be settled in full prior to the child starting at Sherborne Qatar.