Sherborne Qatar Senior School is modelled on its British counterpart as a co-educational day school. The Senior School was established under the Supreme Education Council's Outstanding Schools Programme as a British school in an international setting, bringing the best of British Independent education to Qatar for the benefit of the British and Qatari communities, and also for children of other nationalities. All pupils must satisfy our entry requirements.

Currently, we have pupils from Year 7 to Lower Sixth; and we will open the Upper Sixth in September 2015. We teach an enhanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales up to Year 9 and then prepare pupils for public examinations at (I)GCSE and (I)AS and (I)A Levels. All of our teachers hold UK teaching qualifications and all have recent and relevant experience of the senior age range.

The language of the Senior School is English. Therefore, it is a requirement for entry that children are able to communicate in English at a level that is appropriate to their age and development. Our ethos is to develop well-rounded citizens and to develop their potential not just academically, but also to encourage qualities for life such as independent thinking, creativity, self-respect, tolerance, empathy and global awareness.

The Senior School is not able accept pupils with special needs, since we have neither the specialist facilities nor the expertise that they would need. However, we do have staff to provide support for mild learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) and English as an Additional Language.

The Senior School uses the following minimum age for the year of entry:

Age Class

11on or before 31st AugustYear 7

12on or before 31st August Year 8

13on or before 31st August Year 9

14on or before 31st August Year 10

15on or before 31st AugustYear 11

16on or before 31st AugustLower Sixth

17on or before 31st AugustUpper Sixth

Admission to the Senior School is subject to passing an entrance assessment. Only in exceptional circumstances will a pupil new to the School be admitted to Year 11 or to the Upper Sixth.

Applicants are assessed using a computer-adaptive test - MidYIS (Year7 - Year 9), Yellis (Year 10 and Year 11) and ALIS (Lower Sixth) - which is designed to measure, as far as is possible, ability and aptitude for learning rather than achievement. The test is comprised of vocabulary, mathematics, non-verbal ability and a skills section; and also written tests in English and mathematics.

All sections of the test contribute to an overall measure of ability that strongly suggests likely subsequent achievement. If a child is accepted, the test results are used to identify strengths and weaknesses, to inform teaching and learning, and to assist in target setting and monitoring of performance.

Applicants for entry to the Lower Sixth will be offered a place which is conditional upon meeting the Sixth Form entry requirements. We expect our pupils to have a minimum of 5 pass grades (A* - C) and at least a B grade in each of the subjects chosen for study at AS Level. Further details are available in the Sixth Form Prospectus published separately.

Sherborne Qatar reserves the right to exclude pupils whose behaviour is unacceptable or whose educational needs cannot be met.

Additional Information

Headmaster's Waiting List

If a child is accepted and the relevant year group is full at that moment, he or she will be placed on the Headmaster's waiting list. Places in the school are then granted, as they become available, at the discretion of the Headmaster, based on criteria such as ability or gender, and not on a first-come, first-served basis.

Siblings Policy

We do not give a guaranteed place to children who have a brother or sister at the school. However, we will look favourably at all sibling applications that meet the academic standards required for entry to the Senior School.

Leaving Sherborne Qatar

Written notice of parents' intention to withdraw a child (or a child wishing to leave the school) must be given to the Senior Headmaster at least 2 weeks before the end of term or leaving date. Failure to do so can result in a penalty of half a term's fees being imposed. The School will require completion of a Leaving Form, so that the Finance Department can contact parents about any outstanding fees. Reports and transfer certificates will not be released until all outstanding fees have been settled.

Appeals Process

As the Senior School reaches its maximum numbers there will be fewer places available. Unfortunately, therefore, some applicants and families will be disappointed if a place is not given. This does not always mean that the applicant has failed or has not met the standards required by the Senior School, but simply that a place is not available.

Parents can lodge an appeal if they are not satisfied with the decision reached. In the first instance, they must write to the Senior Headmaster by email ( stating clearly the reasons for their appeal.

If parents continue not to be satisfied, they can write to the Chairman of the Education Committee by email via the Clerk to the Governors ( stating clearly the reasons for their appeal.

The Education Committee will review the appeal as quickly as possible, but this might well take some weeks.

Application Process

An application form can be downloaded from the Sherborne Qatar website or collected from the Senior School Registrar's Office. The form must be completed accurately and in full, and must be signed by parents.

The following documentation is required with the completed application form:

•The child's school reports for the current and previous academic year

•A copy of the child's passport (identification pages only)

•A copy of the child's State of Qatar Residence Permit (if it is not available at the time of application it must be provided as soon as it is acquired)

•A copy of the parents' Qatari ID cards (if these are not available at the time of application they must be provided as soon as they are acquired)

•A copy of the child's immunisation record

•Two passport sized photographs

The following summarises the admissions process:

1.The Sherborne Qatar application form is submitted by parents either by email to ( or it is handed in at the Registrar's Office. The application must be accompanied by the required documentation and a non-refundable application fee of QAR 544.

2.The Registrar will contact parents to arrange a school visit or an assessment date and time. If the child is not in Qatar a decision may reached based only on the available information.

3.Where applicable, after the child has sat the assessment tests, the Registrar will contact parents with news of the result of the tests and of the availability of a place.

4.Where applicable, an offer letter will be sent to parents. If the place is accepted, and in order to secure it, parents must respond within one week, must pay the full registration fee and must sign a copy of the Fees Policy. The Finance Department will send an invoice for the first term's fees. The invoice must be settled in full prior to the child starting at Sherborne Qatar.

All other enquiries please contact Registrar