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Welcome to our Contact Us page, the gateway to connecting with Sherborne Qatar. Here, you will find all the necessary contact details for our schools, ensuring easy access to our dedicated staff and administration. Whether you have enquiries, feedback, or simply wish to reach out, we are here to assist you.

Additionally, we provide convenient links to Google location pins, making it effortless to find our campuses and explore their surroundings.

The Sherborne Qatar Family of Schools

Prep Al Rayyan

Building Number 6, Street Number 449, Zone 53, Umm Al Maa Street, Al Rayyan

Tel: +974 4459 6566

Headteacher: Heidi Berry

Senior School

Building Number 19, Street Number 1697, Zone 51, Mall of Qatar

Tel: +974 4459 6400

Headteacher: Mary Robertson-Barnett

School for Girls

Building Number 76, Street Number 426, Zone 70, Rawdat Al Khazna Street, Al Ebb

Tel: +974 4495 3444

Headmistress: Sofia Darr

Prep Bani Hajer

Building Number 492, Street Number 1193, Zone 51, Nega Al Sahla Street, Bani Hajer

Tel: +974 4495 4555

Headteacher: Mary Robertson-Barnett

Headteacher (Qetaf SEN Provision) - Samantha Campion-Gibson
Tel:+974 4495 4555



[email protected].



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