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Accreditations, Affiliations and Inspection Reports

These important recognitions are a part of our ongoing efforts to ensure excellence and fulfil our vision.

We actively seek accreditation from respected independent educational organizations that assess and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning in our schools. By working with these trusted partners, we continuously improve the education we offer, providing our students with an exceptional learning experience.

Sherborne Qatar Accreditations



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MoEHE’s Qatar National Schools Accreditation (QNSA)

Sherborne Qatar is pleased to announce that we have received approval from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) under the Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA) program.

This esteemed recognition reflects our commitment to providing a high-quality education that meets the rigorous standards set by QNSA. As an approved school, we have demonstrated excellence in various areas, including curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment, and pupil support. QNSA approval serves as a testament to our ongoing dedication to providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for our students. We continually strive to uphold the highest educational standards, ensuring that our pupils receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for future success.



British Schools Overseas Inspection

Sherborne Qatar holds accreditation from the British Schools Overseas (BSO), a highly regarded organization in the field of international education.

The BSO inspection is a voluntary assessment system established by the UK's Department for Education to evaluate British schools overseas. It covers various key areas, including the curriculum, teaching and learning, the spiritual and moral development of pupils, and the school's leadership. This accreditation serves as a testament to the school's commitment to delivering a high-quality British education that meets rigorous standards.

Sherborne Qatar's Preparatory and Senior Schools underwent a comprehensive inspection by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) in April 2022. The voluntary inspection scheme for overseas schools is run by the British Government through which they rigorously asses various aspects of our schools, including teaching and learning, curriculum delivery, pupil well-being, leadership, and governance.

We are proud to share that the inspection reports reflect the high standards and quality of education provided at Sherborne Qatar. To read the detailed inspection reports, please click on the following links:

BSO Report Sherborne Qatar Preparatory School - Al Rayyan | PDF | 499KB

BSO Report Sherborne Senior School | PDF | 398KB

These reports provide valuable insights into our schools' strengths and areas of development, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring the best possible educational experience for our pupils.

British education, worldwide opportunities!


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Approved Cambridge Examination Centre

Sherborne Senior School is an approved Cambridge Examination Centre. This prestigious certification enables us to offer Cambridge International Examinations to our pupils, equipping them with a globally recognized qualification. As an approved centre, we adhere to the highest standards of exam administration.

Our partnership with Cambridge University underscores our commitment to academic excellence and offers our pupils the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualifications that open doors to higher education and career prospects.

Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre

Our Senior School is proud to be an approved centre by Pearson Edexcel, a renowned awarding organization for academic qualifications. As an approved centre, we offer a diverse range of Pearson Edexcel qualifications, ensuring our pupils have access to internationally recognized and highly respected qualifications. Our dedicated teachers and staff work closely with Pearson Edexcel to implement their rigorous curriculum, assessment methods, and quality assurance processes. Being a Pearson Edexcel approved centre demonstrates our dedication to providing our pupils with an excellent educational experience that prepares them for higher education and career opportunities worldwide.


Sherborne Qatar takes great pride in its membership in prestigious educational organizations that enhance the quality of our programs and reinforce our commitment to excellence.

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The Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO)

As a member of the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO), we join a community of esteemed British schools worldwide. This membership signifies our dedication to upholding the highest standards of British education and participating in rigorous quality assurance processes. Through the AoBSO, we engage in collaborative learning, share best practices, and stay updated on the latest educational developments. This affiliation allows us to continuously enhance our educational offerings, ensuring that our pupils receive a world-class education that prepares them for academic and personal success.

The British Schools in the Middle East (BSME)

Our association with British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) holds immense significance for our school community. By joining BSME, we gain access to a network of renowned British international schools in the Middle East region. This membership strengthens our commitment to delivering a high-quality British education that caters to the diverse needs of our pupils. Through BSME, we actively engage in collaborative learning opportunities, professional development programs, and the exchange of best practices. By staying informed about the latest educational advancements, we continuously improve our educational offerings and align ourselves with the best standards and practices in the region. Our membership in BSME underscores our dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience that equips our pupils for success in a globalized world.



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An ESP Partner School

Sherborne Qatar is honoured to be recognized as an ESP (Education Services Partnership) partner school. As an ESP partner, we benefit from a strong collaboration with ESP, a leading provider of educational services and solutions. This partnership allows us to access a wide range of resources, expertise, and support that further enhance our educational offerings and enrich the learning experience for our pupils. By working closely with ESP, we stay at the forefront of educational innovation, implement best practices, and continuously improve our teaching and learning strategies.

International Eco Schools Green Flag Award

Sherborne Senior School has been officially granted the prestigious International Eco Schools Green Flag award, solidifying our position as an accredited Eco School. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the relentless efforts of our pupils, who have wholeheartedly embraced various sustainability initiatives over the past three years.

From promoting recycling and energy conservation to preserving biodiversity, their commitment has been truly commendable. Notably, our school community came together in a unique event, called the "Trashion Show," where pupils and teachers showcased their creativity by designing outfits using recycled materials, emphasizing the importance of sustainable fashion. We invite you to watch the captivating video capturing the spirit and innovation displayed during this event.

This remarkable accomplishment and the enthusiasm it has generated further reinforce our commitment to environmental education and our determination to create a greener future.

Membership of Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS)

Membership in the IAPS (Independent Association of Preparatory Schools) holds significant advantages for our school community.

With our Preparatory Headteacher being a member, we gain numerous benefits from this esteemed association. Firstly, IAPS membership allows our school to remain connected with similar institutions across the UK and around the globe. This ensures that we stay updated on the latest changes and advances in education, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Additionally, our staff gains access to a wealth of excellent publications, valuable advice, and exceptional training opportunities provided by IAPS.

Moreover, being part of the Middle-East IAPS schools network enables us to address local issues and constraints effectively, leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of like-minded institutions. Through our IAPS membership, we enhance our commitment to delivering an outstanding educational experience that prepares our pupils for success in a rapidly evolving world.