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Preparatory School (Ages 3 - 11)

School for Boys Curriculum and Academic Focus

At Sherborne Qatar School for Boys, we blend the robust values of British education with Arabic cultural heritage to create young men who are destined to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Our single-gender environment allows us to provide an educational experience tailored specifically to benefit boys and young men, ensuring that we get the very best from each of our pupils.


We offer a wide-ranging curriculum that centres around building pupils' talents across all areas. The core of our curriculum focuses on building skills in the Sciences, Mathematics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Business and Entrepreneurial Skills. We also cultivate a deep understanding of Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatari Cultural Heritage, whilst developing exceptional literacy skills in the English language.

In order to develop every facet of our pupils, we focus on Physical Education and Games, as well as Art and Design, Robotics and Performing Arts, to strengthen the body as well as the mind. 

Tailored curriculum for young boys at Sherborne Qatar School for Boys Al Rayyan

Sherborne Qatar Preparatory School for Girls


Not only does our boys’ school encourage our pupils to achieve the very best academically, but the school also helps them to develop their own potential and ‘brilliance’, whilst discovering their motivators and inspiration towards learning. Our balanced approach allows pupils to learn and grow at their own pace, in their own unique ways, nurturing talents and abilities.

Our holistic education allows young men to define their character and discover their individuality during their time in school. Ultimately, this equips them to deal with the challenges they will face in the future and gives them the confidence and determination to always strive for success.




At Sherborne Qatar School for Boys, we prioritise a comprehensive STEM education, further strengthened by our dedication to fostering your son’s skills in information technology and computer applications. Being a Microsoft and bring-your- own-device (BYOD) school, starting from Year 1, your son will learn touch-typing, the effective utilization of digital packages, and how to leverage his device as a tool for extended learning. The BYOD approach ensures consistent access to Microsoft technology, both at home and in school, creating a seamless continuum to enhance his educational journey. Parents will be guided as to which specific device their son is expected to bring to school. 


At Sherborne Qatar School for Boys, we recognise that a stimulating, hands-on approach to learning is often the most effective way to engage with boys and young men. Our educational philosophy entwines physical activity with formal lessons, ensuring that we cater to the natural curiosity and energy of boys.

Through our British curriculum and modern methodology, we create a learning environment that encourages adventurous thinking, creative ideas and a growth mindset.

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