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Preparatory School (Ages 3 - 11)

Prep Pupil Leadership and Voice

Our enhanced British National Curriculum, combined with our focus on Learning Dispositions, allows us to nurture these essential skills alongside academic studies.

Prep pupil leadership and voice

While we have traditional positions of responsibility like Heads of School, Prefects, and Sports Captains, we go beyond that. We believe that true growth happens not only academically but also in character. We prepare our pupils for the future by developing their personal attributes and leadership qualities, recognizing that leadership takes various forms and goes beyond titles or badges.

We value our pupils' voices and actively involve them in shaping their school and the provision we offer. This is where our School Council Representatives come in. At the beginning of each academic year, Key Stage 2 pupils are invited to apply for this important role. They write manifestos that are shared with their classmates, and elections are held to select one representative from each form.

Our School Council meets weekly during lunch breaks to discuss matters that are important to the school. These committed and motivated pupils not only have a platform to express their opinions but also exemplify our Core Values and Learning Dispositions.

They gather feedback and suggestions from their classmates, as well as younger pupils in Pre-Prep, to improve our school. Projects driven by the School Council include fundraisers, a fun dress-up day called 'Your Dream Job,' and initiatives promoting recycling, such as ensuring every classroom has a recycling bin. Recently, they welcomed new pupils with heartfelt letters and established the school's Eco Committee.

Prep pupil leadership and voice

Through the School Council, we instil in our pupils the importance of democracy and the understanding that each individual contributes to the success of our school. It's an invaluable lesson that will serve them well in their future endeavors.