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Senior School (Ages 11 - 18)

Senior Awards and Recognition

Sherborne Senior School Awards

At Sherborne Senior School, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals and celebrating their exceptional achievements.

Among our most prestigious accolades, the "Colours Awards Ceremony" at Sherborne Senior School shines a spotlight on pupils who have displayed exceptional performance, outstanding contributions, and remarkable achievements. It is a remarkable testament to their unwavering dedication and well-deserved success.


🏆 Celebrating Outstanding Academic Excellence in 2022-2023! 🏆

  • Outstanding Cambridge Learners
  • Outstanding Personal Learners Edexcel
  • High Achiever Awards
    • A Level
    • iGCSE

Sherborne Senior School is proud to announce outstanding achievements from our Senior School pupils. These remarkable results stand as a testament to dedication, supported by the tireless efforts of our teachers and the steadfast encouragement of parents. Through personalized guidance and a nurturing environment, our school empowers pupils to reach their fullest potential.

🌍 Best in the World:

  • Niranjan Ganapathy Muthuswamy - Highest Mark for A2 Maths & AS Further Maths
  • Imaad Mosharraf - Highest for IGCSE Islamic Studies
  • Abdelrahman Ahmed Hamed Abdelhamed Ghanem - Highest Mark for AS Arabic
  • Sana Rehan Siddiquee - Highest for IGCSE Islamic Studies
  • Khalid Masson M M Alasfar - Highest Mark for AS Arabic
  • Maisaa Elmnshawi - Highest Mark for AS Arabic

🌍 Best in the Middle East:

  • Thwayba Nadeem Hussain - Highest for AS History
  • Muhammad Rayyan Bin Mohd Nazri - Highest for AS Geography
  • Sofia Myriam Arif - Highest for AS Spanish

🇶🇦 Best in Qatar:

  • Adn Ashhab - Highest for IGCSE History and Highest for IGCSE Islamic Studies
  • Yuktaa Bhat Thevar - Highest for IGCSE Geography
  • Emily Morgan Spicer-Gregory - Highest for iGCSE Art & Spanish
  • Almayasa Khalil Al-Khori - Highest for AS Politics


Colours Awards

Celebrating Excellence Across the Board

The Colours Awards represent the most prestigious awards at Sherborne Senior School, recognising pupils who have exhibited sustained excellence in one or more of the following categories:

  • Academic: For outstanding performance in academic subjects and assessments.
  • Service and Charity: For exemplary contributions to community service and charitable endeavors.
  • House: For exceptional dedication and leadership within the school's house system.
  • Sport: For outstanding achievements in sports, demonstrating skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Enrichment: For notable contributions and achievements in extracurricular activities, arts, and cultural pursuits.

To earn Half or Full Colours, pupils must meet rigorous criteria while upholding the values and ethos of Sherborne School. These awards serve as a symbol of excellence and inspire others to strive for greatness in all aspects of their school life.


Moreover, our pupils actively engage in national and international competitions, representing our school with distinction. We take immense pride in the recent triumph of Kaitham Al Emadi from Sherborne Qatar School for Girls, who secured the coveted first place in the prestigious Creative Arab Initiative, hosted by the esteemed King Abdulaziz Institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This remarkable accomplishment exemplifies the excellence and talent nurtured within our school community.

As our pupils step onto the stage, basking in the melodies of their own musical talents, the applause of their parents, and the resounding support of our entire school community, they embody the spirit of excellence and leadership.

With each stride they take, the Sherborne Qatar family of schools stands alongside them, celebrating their victories, nurturing their growth, and shaping their futures.

Together, we will forge a legacy of greatness, where their remarkable achievements become a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.