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Preparatory School (Ages 3 - 11)

Prep Performing Arts & Music

Through our music, drama, dance, and extracurricular activities, we strive to inspire and nurture the artistic talents of our pupils, fostering their creativity, self-expression, and confidence.


At Sherborne Qatar, we pride ourselves on our strong emphasis on music. We offer a wide range of opportunities for pupils to explore and develop their musical talents. Individual instrumental and vocal tuition is available, and pupils can join orchestras, ensembles, choirs, and bands. We regularly hold concerts and recitals, both within the school and at external venues, providing our pupils with the chance to showcase their musical talents. Music is also taught as an academic subject, allowing pupils to delve into the history, theory, composition, and the art of performance.


Our vibrant drama team at Sherborne Qatar encourages pupils to engage in the practical aspects of theatre. We provide opportunities for pupils to participate in school productions, including plays, musicals, and showcases. Our multi-purpose hall serves as a stage for these performances, where pupils can unleash their creativity and develop their acting skills.


Sherborne Qatar offers dance as part of our extracurricular activities, allowing pupils to express themselves through movement. We offer various dance styles, including contemporary, ballet, jazz, and more. Our dance classes cater to different skill levels, enabling pupils to refine their technique, nurture their creativity, and enhance their performance skills.

Dance classes in the prep schools at Sherborne Qatar.