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Term Dates

By sharing the Term Dates ahead of time, we aim to provide clarity and enable families to plan their commitments accordingly.

Our Term Dates are thoughtfully designed to create a balanced and productive Academic Year, allowing for uninterrupted periods of teaching and learning. We take into consideration National Holidays and other significant events when setting the dates. We believe that transparent communication regarding Term Dates strengthens our partnership with parents and contributes to a smooth and harmonious school experience.

Please refer to the Term Dates section on our website or the school's official communication channels for the most up-to-date information. We are committed to keeping our parents informed and engaged, and we appreciate your partnership in creating a successful and fulfilling academic year for our pupils.

Autumn Term 2023
Sunday 27th August Term begins for all pupils at 10:00
Sunday 22nd to Thursday 26th October Half Term
Sunday 17th to Monday 18th December Qatar National Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
Thursday 21st December Term ends at normal time for pupils
Spring Term 2024
Monday 8th January Term begins for all pupils at 10:00
Sunday 11th to Thursday 15th February Half Term
Sunday 31st March Easter Sunday - SCHOOL CLOSED
Thursday 4th April Term ends at normal time for pupils
Summer Term 2024
Sunday 21st April Term begins for all pupils at 10:00
Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th June Eid Al Adha - SCHOOL CLOSED
Thursday 27th June Term ends at 12 noon

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