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Welcome to Our Prep Schools

Preparatory School (Ages 3 - 11)

Our family of British schools in Qatar offers families an invaluable gift of choice. With campuses located in Al Rayyan, Bani Hajer, Grand Zone by the Mall of Qatar and Al Ebb, we provide a nurturing environment where children aged 3 to 11 can flourish and thrive.

Our Prep Schools

Coeducational Prep Schools

Our coeducational campuses in Bani Hajer and Mall of Qatar provide a nurturing environment that prioritises values-based education and prepares pupils for a lifetime of learning.


Girls Only Prep School

From ages 3 to 11, we provide girls with a future-focused education that prepares them to excel in their chosen field and make a positive impact in the world.


Boys' Only Prep School

The first British boys-only school in Doha, providing high quality British education to boys between the ages of 3-11


At Sherborne Qatar, we believe in unlocking the unique potential of each child. Our dedicated British teachers prioritise hands-on teaching, delivering a comprehensive education, and providing strong pastoral care.

Beyond academic excellence, we understand that true success encompasses inner strength, confidence, and self-belief. Our exceptional pastoral care and House System form the foundation of our ethos, ensuring children fearlessly explore new challenges.

Our small class sizes and shared facilities encourage collaboration, curiosity, and personal development, allowing each child to shine in their own exceptional way.

By choosing our Preparatory Schools, you unlock your child's full potential.

Join our vibrant community of learners, dedicated educators, and supportive families. Together, let's set your children on a path towards a future filled with limitless possibilities. Come on in, we have saved you a seat!

We personalise our approach to cater to individual needs, fostering a genuine love for learning and personal growth.