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Preparatory School (Ages 3 - 11)

Frequently Asked Questions


The Sherborne Qatar School for Boys is situated in Al Rayyan, Doha. You can find the exact location on Google Maps by following this Google Maps Link

This will provide you with precise directions to our school's location. 

The Sherborne Qatar School for Boys will open in September 2024, and we are excited to welcome prospective pupils from Pre School to Year 5.

Starting from September 2024, the school will be open from Pre-School to Year 5, with the first senior class set to commence in September 2026. The school will offer classes for boys eventually up to Year 12

While co-educational learning is right for many children, some learn better in a single gender environment where subjects and activities can be tailored to meet the needs and interest of pupils more finely. Some boys perform better when they do not have girls present in classes as there are no additional pressures. There is less competition, and many boys show greater confidence and character than when girls are not taught with them. The rich heritage of Sherborne UK involves separate boys’ and girls’ schools and we feel it is fitting that as the sister schools of our UK counterpart we also aim to offer this unique choice to our parent body.

At the Boys’ School, we aim to provide a well-rounded education that aligns with the teaching philosophy of the Girls' School in the early years. However, starting from Key Stage 3, we are considering a specialised academic focus on two specific areas: Entrepreneurial Skills & Business, and Engineering & Design Technology. These areas will provide our pupils with a strong foundation in practical skills and knowledge.

We want to emphasise that these academic foci will be discussed in greater detail as we prepare to open the senior section of the school in September 2026. Starting from September 2024, the school will be open from Pre-School to Year 5. Here is a link to the Sherborne Qatar School for Boys web page.

The Al Rayyan campus offers a wonderful environment for our pupils. Its expansive outdoor spaces, large sports hall, and football pitch provide an ideal setting for boys to engage in physical activities and express themselves beyond traditional classroom settings. To enhance the learning experience, we have plans to create new Science Labs and Design & Technology spaces, along with improvements to existing facilities. These additional spaces will be completed before the senior section of the school is opened, ensuring that our pupils have access to state-of-the-art resources and opportunities for their academic and personal growth.

We take great pride in our ethos and values, along with our commitment to exceptional pastoral care and an engaging curriculum. At the Sherborne Qatar School for Boys we will maintain a consistent set of values and an ethos akin to our other Sherborne schools. Your child can expect to experience the same nurturing environment and high standards that are upheld across our family of schools.

We will maintain our established class sizes within our specified capacity, ensuring optimal learning environments for all pupils. Our teaching methodology, grounded in a holistic approach to education, remains unchanged. Your son will benefit from the same effective teaching practices already implemented consistently across all Sherborne schools.

If you would like your son to transfer to the new boys' school at Al Rayyan, we appreciate your interest. We request you to kindly apply on line here

Yes, Qatari nationals are eligible to receive coupons from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, amounting to QR 22,000 per year towards school fees. Parents only need to cover the difference between the school fees and the coupon amount. For instance, if the annual school fees are QR 52,812, Qatari parents with coupons will pay QR 30,000. This balance can be paid in three instalments at the beginning of each term throughout the year.

To initiate the admission process, your son will be invited for an assessment, for which an assessment fee of QR 544 is applicable. Upon successful completion of the assessment, should you wish to proceed with enrolment, a registration fee of QR 2,722 and a seat reservation fee of QR 2,722 will be required. The seat reservation fee is credited towards the fees payable for Term 1.

Additionally, a refundable deposit of QR 1,000 is required by the school, which is refunded upon the child's departure from the school. For further details, please refer to our fee policy.